Investor Program.

Conditions for immigrating to Québec as an investor

To immigrate to Québec as an investor and be eligible for the Investor Program, you must meet the following conditions.

List of conditions to be honoured

Intend to settle in Québec
You must intend to settle in Québec permanently.
Have a minimum net worth
You must have a net worth of at least CDN$2,000,000. You can share this net worth with your spouse or common-law partner who is accompanying you to Québec. You must be able to demonstrate the legal origin and accumulation of your net worth.

If you have received grants less than six months prior to submitting your application, they cannot be included in your net worth.

Have management experience
You must have at least two years of management experience. This experience must have been acquired within the five years preceding the submission of your application.

Your management experience must include the following functions under your authority:

  • Planning
  • Management
  • Control of financial resources
  • Control of human or material resources
You cannot have gained your experience through:
  • An apprenticeship
  • A training course
  • A specialization leading to a diploma
Enter into an investment agreement
You must enter into an investment agreement with a financial intermediary, either an investment broker or a trust company that has signed an agreement with the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration and IQ Immigrants investisseurs Inc.
Make a five-year term investment
You must make a five-year term investment of CDN$1,200,000. The investment must be made with IQ Immigrants Investisseurs inc. The investment is guaranteed by the Gouvernement du Québec.

Financial intermediaries may offer you the opportunity to finance your investment.

At the end of your investment, your financial intermediary will reimburse you the amount of CDN$1,200,000 without interest, within 30 days. The amount repaid may vary, however, if you have opted to finance your investment.

Business Environment
  • GDP of CDN $301 billion in 2008, 60% generated by the service sector
  • GDP per person 18th in the OECD, comparable to Germany and Italy , surpassing Spain
  • Tax rates on business profits among the lowest in North America
  • Tax incentives and labour force assistance and training programs ($2.5 billion annually)
  • Exports account for 33% of GDP , with 72% of international exports shipped to the US
  • Access to NAFTA market of over 440 million consumers
  • A market of 110 million consumers within a 1000 km radius
  • Within a 600 mile radius of Boston , New York , Washington and Detroit
  • #1 exporter of newsprint, 2nd largest magnesium producer and 4th largest aluminum producer in the world
  • The St. Lawrence Seaway offers easy access to the industrial heart of North America
  • Highly-educated workforce—19 universities produce 65,000 graduates annually
  • 85% of workers have post-secondary or more , 22% a university degree
  • Highly bilingual and multilingual workforce—40% speak French and English; 13% speak a third language
 Key Advantages
  • Québec ranks among the 10 most important health sciences industrial pools in North America. As a proof, the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have operations in Québec : Canadian head office, fundamental R&D or manufacturing facilities.
  • Nearly half of the Canadian biopharmaceutical industry and most of the basic and clinical research activities are concentrated in Québec
  • Over 62% of overall Canadian aerospace industry production takes place in Québec
  • Internationally, the Greater Montréal region is considered one of the major world centres for aeronautics, on the same level as Seattle, Wichita and Toulouse
  • Montréal also has one of the highest concentrations of high-tech jobs in North America along with San Francisco, Seattle and Boston
  • Clean energy producer supplying electricity to other parts of Canada and the US
  • R&D spending—2.7% of GDP—is the highest in Canada and higher than the average of the OECD, the G7 and the European Union. Furthermore, Québec’s objective is to invest 3% of GDP in R&D by 2010
  • Over 200 specialized university R&D centres—McGill is the Canadian university awarded the most patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Private and public capital to fund investment projects
  • Efficient road and rail networks and airport infrastructure
  • 110 international financial centres
  • Montreal Stock Exchange a Canadian hub for financial risk management and a significant partner in specialized markets in North America
  • Home of the Canadian Space Agency
Potential Sectors
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture & Agri-food
  • Automotive & Ground Transportation Equipment
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Construction
  • Energy (hydro-electric & wind)
  • Environment
  • Forestry
  • Financial Services
  • Genomics
  • Information & Communications Technologies
  • Information Technologies & Software
  • Light Metals
  • Microelectronics
  • Mining
  • Multimedia
  • Textiles
  • Tourism