Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Advanced manufacturing technology involves the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes that drive revolution. It covers two types of technologies: process technology that is used to produce any of other advanced technologies, and process technology that is based on robotics, automation technology, or computer-integrated manufacturing. For the former, such process technology typically relates to production apparatus, equipment, and procedures for the manufacture of specific materials and components. For the latter, process technology includes measuring, controlling, and testing devices for machines, machine tools, and various areas of automated or IT-based manufacturing technology.

The Canadian advanced manufacturing sector, which includes the fields of robotics, 3D printing and ICT technologies, benefits from one of the best research and development (R&D) environments in the world along with a readily available wealth of talent. As a global leader in system integration, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, machine vision and automation, Canada facilitates the seamless integration of Industry 4.0 solutions into manufacturing operations.

Canada is home to the world’s largest tech hubs, growing and attracting innovative talent from across the globe. Our diverse, highly educated and growing tech talent pool continuously attracts investments from global businesses, including the world’s 10 largest technology companies. Canada’s commitment to talent development and attraction, strong support for innovation and low business costs make it easy for tech companies to make money.